Get Your Own Show

Why Host Your Own Internet Talk Radio Show?

Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network can Amplify Your Voice!

If you have studied, developed and honed your expertise and experience in:

  • Business Development - marketing, finance, social media, employee management or law
  • Personal Development - coaching, counseling, healthcare, wellness, nutrition or medicine
  • Spiritual Development - alternative healing, metaphysical studies or religion
  • Or you have experience as:

  • An Author
  • Speaker
  • Teacher/Lecturer
  • Coach/Consultant
  • An expert in a hobby or niche (Travel, Leisure, Beauty, Health, Finger Painting...)

  • Then you probably have an audience you want to reach and they are out there actively seeking out the information you have to share.

    Lessons in Joyful Living is an Internet Talk Radio Network that offers those that have a message the opportunity to extend their voice. This is another way to speak to your target audience.

    Let's say have a website or two and you're blogging and using social media, you might even be speaking or you've gotten yourself listed in different promotional web sites; but without a huge marketing budget and dedicated staff, how are you going to reach more people? How are you going to connect with your target audience - your tribe?

    You can host your own Internet Radio Show and extend your voice and vision.

    By hosting your own radio show you can share your expertise, your experience, your knowledge, your passion and even your hobby - you share that with the world and that part of you lives on forever.

    Our hosts have found that having their own Internet talk radio show with optimized podcast downloads has helped them in so many ways, including:


    The difference is, the moment you tell people that you have your own Radio Show it separates you from the pack. It establishes your presence. It differentiates your brand. It identifies you as an expert. And frankly, it opens doors!

    Having your own Internet Radio Show gets you past the gatekeeper, you are able to access industry and thought leaders in your field and so many others.

    Why Host Your Own Internet Talk Show With Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network?

    Because we care about our Hosts! You provide the content and guests, and we do absolutely everything else to make you the professional that you want to be. Lessons in Joyful Living provides all the tools you need to host your own Internet talk radio show. Our Hosts are part of our family and not just another number.

    Here is how the Lessons in Joyful Living Staff will work for you:

    1. Resources to help you automate your marketing, scheduling and follow up allowing you to save time and money.
    2. 9 ways to monetize your programming allowing you to create a new stream of income.
    3. Tools of the trade - what are the best tools to use to get the best quality audio.
    4. Product development - how to take your recordings and repurpose them for profit.

    The difference is, the moment you tell people that you have your own "radio show" it separates you from the pack. It establishes your presence. It differentiates your brand. It opens doors!

    Just think about who you'd like to spend an hour with... Thought leaders, industry experts, celebrities, authors, artists, speakers and political leaders - these are now your potential guests. You get to invite them on your show, you get an hour to really get to know who they are and what makes them tick. An hour to pick their brains for information typically made only available to their inner circle. An hour to gather information that will influence not only your life but the lives of every listener that ever tunes in to that show from that moment forward. You get to be at the center of a ripple of change that moves out into the future educating, inspiring, uplifting and influencing everyone that it touches.

    If you think you have what it takes, contact our office for a no pressure discussion about our packages and what we can do for you. or call 562.321.1926

    We can't wait to talk to you!