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Deanna Taus is a Psycho-Creative practitioner, Self-Love Guru and Self-Critic Buster.

Deanna always knew she was supposed to help people. When she discovered the emotionally creative tools of the Psycho-Creative System, Deanna finally knew how she was going to do it.

If people can silence their inner-critic, eliminate guilt and move past fear, they make room in their hearts for enormous amounts of self-love. This is the cornerstone to eliminating chronic problems and blocks.

Moreover, these monumental shifts occur through creative play. To decrease self-criticism, increase self-love and move towards joy, abundance and soul-fulfilling contentment, the Psycho-Creative System utilizes our innate need to be creative.

Deanna's passion is to share this wisdom with the world. She wants her clients and listeners to know they are important and that they matter. That it is possible to discover and accomplish any goal. That they deserve to succeed!

A successful business owner for the past 15 years, a wife and now a mother - Deanna has had her share of struggles. She has overcome chronic depression, anxiety, overwhelm, self-imposed blocks and extreme self-criticism on her journey to follow her bliss.

She created the Love Yourself Rich Summit in the winter of 2013 to help people like her, achieve the success that always felt just out of reach both in business and in life.

Deanna then launched the Create More Love radio show in order to share her story, and techniques, with others.

And it all starts with a little fun, a little play and lots and lots of Love.


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